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Hands down the most comprehensive FX trading education platform on the Internet. I received guidance from the instructor team every step of the way. I would recommend MYFXSchool to anyone looking to become a better FX trader.

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MYFXSchool has done a fantastic job building the learning community. Quality trading ideas and insights are openly discussed and shared amongst the community groups. I highly recommend MYFXSchool to new and experienced traders!

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Check out some frequently asked questions about the Premium membership

Basic members can access a selection of training programs, daily research and filtered trading signals. Premium members can access the full training program, weekly digest, technical notifications, full access to trading signals and everything else included in the Basic membership.
New training programs are created on a monthly basis. Research materials are prepared on a daily and weekly basis. Trading materials are also prepared on a daily basis.
Currently we only have the Basic and Premium subscription plan. We encourage you give our Premium subscription a try. If you don’t like what you see, you may cancel anytime.
Proprietary Trading Account is our own trading book with live trades. Trades are originated from our own technical indicators notifications and trading signals. This is our way of demonstrating the confidence we have in our trading system. Premium members have full read-only access to our trading account.
If you don’t like what you see, you may cancel your Premium membership at anytime. No strings attached.

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