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The most comprehensive foreign exchange education platform

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Despite completing two different financial management courses, I did not feel prepared or confident to actually participate in the financial markets; this was before I enrolled at MYFXSchool. The structured programs at MYFXSchool equipped me with a diverse range of skillset to navigate the dynamic foreign exchange market. The trading simulations, case studies and post-trade reviews allowed me to understand my mistakes and inconsistencies. Upon completion of the MYFXSchool program, I still keep a close touch with the MYFX instructors and graduates to exchange trading ideas and stories.
Adam C.
I started trading currencies on and off over the last 5 years but performance has not been as steady as I would hoped for. With the help of MYFXSchool, I started reducing my performance volatility as I was able to come up with my own trading plan which drastically improved my trading discipline. The best part about MYFXSchool for me is the learning community and atmosphere they have fostered. Students are very open about their personal trading mishaps and successes, which really accelerated my learning and acknowledging some of the most commonly made mistakes in trading currencies. I would recommend MYFXSchool to any new or experienced traders who are looking to achieve consistent performance for their foreign exchange portfolios.
Amina M.
I have been investing in the Asian stock market for over 10 years. The only drawback for me is the limited trading hours. I came across the foreign exchange asset class recently as I was looking to diversify my asset class. One of the most outstanding features of MYFXSchool is that they cover all aspects of the foreign exchange market. Personally, I found the curriculum on trading nuances to be extremely beneficial because it enhanced my understanding for my own trading behaviours and psychology. I would absolutely vouch for MYFXSchool to any experienced traders looking to further elevate their trading skills.
Mikhail H.
I am a frequent flyer who have always relied on credit cards for overseas spending. Not realizing the wide spread I've been paying the whole time, I turned to MYFXSchool to level up my knowledge on the currency market. My original goal was to get a good understanding on the fundamentals of exchange rates. Yet, the curriculum at MYFXSchool equipped me with much more than expected. The benefits of understanding the dynamics of the foreign exchange markets enabled me to have a deeper insight on the global economy.
Cyan A.